Monday, April 27, 2009

Tribal Fusion Belly Dancing

I'm a new student of belly dancing, but I've been interested in it since I first saw a performance at age 10. And as my fascination with it never faded I decided to start learning it now 11 years later.

I'm learning the basic movements of a mixture of middle eastern and Egyptian styles because that's what my instructor teaches. But eventually when i learn the basics i want to move on to learning the more modern styles like tribal (cabaret/tribal), and tribal fusion. I was drawn to these styles because they are so beautiful and hypnotizing. Every time I watch a performance... the costumes, the music, the passion, the whole thing is just breath taking. Some of my favorite dancers are Rachel Brice and Zoe Jakes who are dancers of the The Indigo Belly Dance Co. I never appreciated just how awesome and complex belly dancing was until i started learning it, and now I completely appreciate just how hard it is and how talented these women are who have mastered this style of dance.

TRUST ME, when i say it's hard, i mean it. When you're learning it it's EXTREMELY fun, but man is it work! It's definitely worth it though, it's very fun and it's a great work out for all the little muscles you didn't even know you had or that you could control. I've just been fascinated with learning the little beginner stuff, and I can't wait to get up there with the more difficult moves. I've learned a lot of different styles over the years as a dancer, but this is definitely the most fun, freeing, and passionate style I've ever had the pleasure of learning. It's more of a life style, bordering on a spiritual experience with earth and pure femininity. Belly dancing is very feminine and beautiful. I definitely recommend it for all women because it makes you feel as beautiful as you really are, and you feel like you can hypnotize a king and charm a nation. :)

It doesn't matter what type of body you have, or if you're the best dancer in the world. It's all about feeling... feeling the music, getting lost in it, swaying with the rhythm, speeding up and slowing down with it, it's all very freeing. But in the end I could sit here all day trying to explain it to you and I'd never be able to get it right because it's just something you have to experience for yourself. It's really a life changing thing that gives you the confidence to be the beautiful woman you want to be.

I'm going to start putting up information on this style of dancing and other useful sites for costumes etc. In the mean time here are some videos that will keep you busy. These are my favorites, take a look!!!

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